January 6, 2011

Here is the exact quote from the paper.” (mother said ) She has high hopes for her first born.” “Maybe he will be a football player or something like that.” “As long as he is a healthy happy boy.” (father said ) ” We will worry about the rest when he gets a little bigger.” I live close to a town where the “cottage” indusry is caring for mentally retarded people, this is an example of  what this whole area is like. People moved here because thier family members were instutionalized here, and continued to procreate with this kind of result. This was not a teen mom this was a middle 20’s women who was going to take a baby home and raise it and her “high hopes” were for it to be a football player. GOOD GOD…Somebody call CPS…Oh wait this is Nebraska thats right never mind they award football fans with babies here.


June 19, 2009

My daughter who is now in a shelter for battered women has had her worker there and the mediation guy wondering what the hell is wrong with the lame judge that handed my grand babies over to a monster. The mediation guy recommends not only should K bastard have the kids taken away but he should only be allowed supervised visits becasue he is a wife and child abuser on record for 10 years and is on the Nebraska child abuse and neglect registry. No one can believe that POS got those kids and now they are living with a time bomb. If my daughter gets them back I fear for her life he will never let it happen I know that monster.  The reason his x left to go 500 miles away with thier son is due to his violent behavoir and she is the one that offered him a way out of child support by giving up his rights so her husband could adopt him and ofcorse to save his precious money K bastard did it and beat my daughter over and over again for it saying it was her fault AND mine. It was the best thing he ever did for his son and if my daughter gets them back I hope she does the same thing to the MF cause it would be the best for them, too. F you Judge Otte you are a worthless POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you had kept my grandkids where they belonged he would have probably left town with the po scum he met online playing a video game o ya hes 39 still playing RS 8 hours a night  I hope my daughter nails his ass to the wall and lets me have a swing too!!!!!!Someone should beat you the way you did my 5’3″ daughter you ugly fat ass, and I will pray every day that only the worst things in life happen to you and your mother and lard ass sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who threatened my daughter twice like some trashy druggy she is and by the way how could you beat up my daughter? You can barely move your 300 pound body around!!!! Of corse I guess you could sit on her provided you could catch. I sure would hate to see you try and run after her with everything shifting around and blopping up and down. I have incouraged my daughter to save emails and have you charged with terroristic threats AFTER we have the kids back.


June 17, 2009

Well according to the idiot judge OTTE my daughter and my grandkids were homeless living here with me. But she went to a shelter for abused women today and so she is not considered homeless and now the city of LINCOLN nebraska may help her find a place to live in 3 to 4 months. How f ed up is that you can’t live with the family that loves you and cares about you more than anyone but hey if you go to a shelter you can have your kids back and we will eventually get around to helping you!!!!!!! Nebraska ” BIG RED ” logic backwards inbred POS shit hilbilly logic. Hey rememeber now this is the state that passed the law to save babies from being dumped and some how forgot to ad an age limit ( ILM+ illerate law makers da uh ) so people were dropping off thier teenagers with out having to face any concequences because they annoyed them. O they fixed it after a few dozen kids were dropped off by thier crappy parents including from out of state. So there you have it, this state is run by a bunch of stupid hicks who get handed judgeships and gov jobs and play some rediculas game of bigotry and god with small innocent children. They should rename this state HUSKER HELL cause that’s what your in if you are unfortunate enough to end up here!!!!


June 15, 2009
This is my blog about the idiots that run this states family courts and CPS In Lincoln Nebraska specifically. I hate you people you are idiots and I know idiots I have an IQ of 138!!!!!! My daughter a battered women for 10 of her twelve years of marraige married to Kel B ( short for bastard ) decided after… being beaten 3 times in one week, bailing out the pig she was married to ( as a good battered women would )  and him immediatly abandoning his family for a computer whore in Fla. leaving for 10 days taking the money and leaving her with 3 kids 11 10 and 7 never contacting them for 10 days even when the 10 year old went to the emergency room for stiches and without a working car  …decided to file for divorce and went to the evedentiary hearing ( not a custody hearing )  that monster Kel B her abuser for 10 years was just handed over custody of the kids he abandoned by Judge Otte in the district court in Lincoln Nebraska. In the past 10 years I have driven from my home 40 miles away to pick up my grandkids and save them from that violent filthy pig(  because he was throwing them out in the middle of the night in rain, snow and near blizzards ) atleast 25 times!!! and that judge OTTE just handed over my babies to him… a dangerous felon ( had two ) domstic abuser ( 5 convictions ) a person on the nebraska child abuse and neglect registry in this assinine state ,an adulterer cheating lieing ass that abandoned his family. Are you fucking kidding me??????????Judge OTTE?????? I called the police  cps and becuause I am in another town and the grandma ( the other one blocks her # so they can’t even call her !!!) they can’t help me. His x wife moved 500 miles away because at one point he put a shotgun to her head and he gave up his own kid so he ” save money ” But… he should have those three little girls??????????Hey Otte and Lincoln Nebraska CPS ( short for can’t protect shit ) you stink you are putting my grandkids in the hands of a monster because my daughter got evicted ya thats right that was the judges reason because she didnt work the whole time they were married and he left her with nothing and 900.00 a month rent bills kids to feed and a car to fix!!!!!!!!! You lazy asses you bigots you handed over those kids to a monster because he was white WHITE and my daughter is INDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Racists bastards. Well I am not INDIAN and I am going to make sure someone is accountable for this. Today my daughter who is staying with me for a while cause she can’t get into a shelter so many men beat thier wives, left here to take them to Lincoln and hand them over to the monster that has beaten her for 10 YEARS and he  was driving a car from another state ( his computer hos state ) on a suspended licence ( for 2 years no less )  taking them to his wacky mothers house that is full of guns ( he’s a felon rememeber )?? And no one I call will do a thing why oh lets see cause he has a lilly white ass and that makes him better being a felon suspended licence driving around htree little girls wife beater registered child abuser,,, than her little indian ass is  O Yay this is NEBRASKA what was I thinking!!!!!!!!!! I suspect we will never see my little angel girls again , they were clinging to me today when they left and crying cause they know thier dad hates me cause I know what he is I should have never kept my mouth shut all these year I should have tried to take them away from my blind daughter but I didn’t and thanks to Judge OTTE and the NEBRASKA CPS and POLICE depts IN LINCOLN AND BELLVIEW NEBRASKA I may never have the chance to make sure they are even alive let alone ok and healthy I miss them so much I know they are so confused it brakes my heart. I don’t even want to live with myself anymore cause I knew I should have gotten them out of that situation or atleast tried when my daughter couldn’t see what she had become because of the abuse by Kel. Watch out Kel and Mommy Linda and fat aunt Heather and computer ho you better keep your noses clean cause I will contact everyone in this state till I find someone that will investigate and get those kids out of that dangerous abusive MF”S hands. Just to be clear it is Judge Otte Lincoln Nebraska, Cps Lincoln Nebraska and the Lincoln and Bellview Police depts that have failed my girls not my daughter, she tried to keep them safe and keep her marraige because she was sick ( battered women  and she has the scars to prove it ) What is your excuse  laziness? BIGOTRY??? Don’t give a shit as long as you get your paycheack?? I apologize to anyone I have offended with my laungage I don’t very often sware but I have had it with the people in the country who make these calls and judgements and are’t worthy or up to the task metally. GO TO HELL NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You idiots care more about your football than you do kids staving being abused or women either for that matter Be proud you RED Idiots GO ( to hell ) HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello world!

June 15, 2009

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